Welcome to the Transmog Queue!

0qvdtvrAre you waiting for something? In a random queue to that dungeon you really need? We all’ve been there… (you can’t have only tanks and healers in your ranks, do you?) Yes… You’re there, waiting. Suddenly, something catches your eye… Your character… it doesn’t look right… OH NO! That amazing weapon you just got makes your perfect gear set looks so weird! Something’s gotta be done. And that’s why we’re here.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Mythriak, and as far as it’s concern of this blog, I’m a WoW player with lots of interest on a single feature of this game played by millions: Transmogrification. Feature that was introduced on November 2011, in the last Cataclysm patch, since then have been minorly twitched, but will be greatly improved when the next expansion pre-patch gets released.

This blog will post, without any intention on forcing the visitors, images of sets for you, World of Warcraft player, to change your gear looks into something cool, something radical, something simple (why not?), something… yours. With a little help of me, of course. I’ll be open to any thoughts, requests or ideas you visitor can give. I’ll try and do my best to make it happen (in between the game boundaries, of course).

Now, I don’t consider myself “a WoW fashionist”, nor do I aspire being one. The sets on display here are only kind suggestions of mine on the objective to expand your mind about it. After all, this blog was an idea I got going from a playful experience with my friends from the lovable comunity of The Queue, a daily feature of the Blizzard Watch site, using the tools provided by the amazing Wowhead’s Dressing Room.

Thanks for your apreciation. I humbly hope you enjoy your visit here.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Transmog Queue!

  1. Welcome!
    I am not a hard-core tmog guy but I am interested in two things:
    one: animated gear (the shield from Marudon, for example).
    two: the pieces that give a glow on the ground (the staff with the fire on top).
    I’ve had little luck from the tmog community nailing these types of items down. The mega-sites simply did a data mining job and posted lists of images which won’t show these two things.
    Anyway == good luck!!


  2. Thanks! Yeah, the images are a standstill, so it’s hard to capture that glowy or spinny effect… As you can see it on my shaman post today, the fist weapons have a very cool floating effect, but since the image is a snapshot of the wowhead’s 3D viewer, it’ll never show the full idea of it. Hopefully with the link to the items and a well timed shot to get a glance on it, those effects will be better presented to you.


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