Female Blood Elf Mage


This is a request, made by my fellow Queue comenter, @Ezria, he asked:

“Man, I’d love to see my Blood Elf mage with a Luci Liu in Charlie’s Angels look, that’d be amazing!”

So I started to look to cloth gear that look like rogue gear, of course, since she’s all rogue-y on that movie. And suddenly, I found the Arcane Regalia (Recolor). Oh boy, what a fit! The chestpiece is sleeveless, all you have to do is use no shirts under it to show her arms, it defnitely has a femme fatale feel 0n it. Added the Earthborn Staff as weapon just to match the gear. There are other options if you’re going for other specs.

All the items are world drop greens, so you’ll probably have a hard time getting them to drop, or will spend some good money on the Auction House. Also, I went somewhat sneaky too, and used the new transmog rules, since Mrs. Liu doesn’t wear shoulderpads in the movie, nor does she here! 😀


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