Female Human Arcane Mage


I have to say, I really love the idea of mages in WoW, they’re arguably, some of the most powerful beings in Azeroth (and probably beyond), they have amazing looks, oblitering spells and use many cool weapons. But, I simply can’t play one well. My level 100 mage is as good as a RP character I use to try new cloth gear and mageylike stuff… I feel bad for that. Here’s a somewhat classic look for a mage, you’ll see why it’s “somewhat” classic:

She’s wearing the Magister’s Regalia with the Moonsoul Crown to hold her hair and sporting the Epoch-Mender to fit the look. But what (literally) wrapped this set for me was the new belt from Warlords, the Fine Void-Chain Cinch, it almost looks like it was made for it.

This was a request from my fellow Queue comenter @Marian, back when she was “the Moody”…


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