Male Dwarf Enhancement Shaman


Oh my, look at this FABULOUS Dwarf Shaman! Seriously, that haircut is called “Fabulous” by the game. I simply couldn’t let it go unused when I found it. It also matched that majestic beard very well (no, the beard is not called “Majestic” by the game, a pity).

Another request from the Queue, this time it was @Lavindar, who asked for a “Male Dwarf Enhancement Shaman”. The base for this transmog was the weapons. I’ve been a fan of the these maces since day one they appeared in game, I used to had them on my Hunter, back when Hunters could use melee weapons as stat sticks.

The Syphon of the Nathrezim and it’s counterpart, the Swiftsteel Bludgeon are weapons from the Burning Crusade age, they dropped in The Black Temple raid, one from the boss Supremus and the other is a random drop from the raid’s trash mobs. To match the weapons, a set from BC too, the Mistshroud Set (Recolor) to keep it on a nice red theme.

Wrapping it up, we got pieces from Draenor. The Morningscale Spaulders from normal dungeons and the Morningscale Gauntlet from heroic dungeons. And the Packrunner Belt, a green who can drop pretty much anywhere in Draenor.


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