Male Gnome Windwalker Monk


Yay, a monk! Monks are arguably the hardest class to come up with a nice transmog, simply because they have the least amount of gear to pull off. Sporting only 6 tiers from the 18 we have now, they need to rely on rogue and druid lookalikes more than you’d like to.

This little guy was a request from @Philster, another fellow comenter from the Queue, who asked for “a green-haired Gnome male monk wielding 1 handed maces”.

So, since he asked for a green-haired Gnome, I thought a green set would match just right for him. This one is a recolor from the Flowing Water Armor set, which are quest rewards in the level 30 range. Be aware that, if you’ve done these quests already, the next expansion will fill your transmog wardrobe with all the rewards from them automatically (at least that’s what they’re saying it’ll happen).

To wrap up the set, there’s a really nice monk-only Brown Belt of Precarious Balance, sold by Master Cannon in the Peak of Serenity. And a pair of really cool Lifeforce Hammers as weapons (there are lookalikes for this as well if you’re not willing to craft them).


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