Female Night Elf Priest


Have I said that Priests got the best looking sets ever? Yes I have. And I probably will say it again a lot. Now, take a look at that image up there. Isn’t it the prettiest Angel of Death you’ve ever seen? I know I’m in love with it and I’m not even sure that’s something nice to be.

Well, who asked for this beauty was another fellow comenter from the Queue, @Chrth. He was such a nice guy and asked for one of my favorite transmogs in the whole game: “Fem Night Elf Priest. I’m thinking of changing up my mog on mine since she’s going Disc in Legion.”

Well, there you go, pal! Attire of Piety set, from normal Hellfire Citadel and the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune, from the holiday boss Ahune <The Frost Lord>, which’s avaliable on every Midsummer Fire Festival.


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