Female Gnome Hunter


Such a cutie! Another feature that will be presented by the next expansion pre-patch: Gnome Hunters! HOORAY!! Knowing beforehand, our fellow comenter from the Queue @Gevah asked for a “Gnome hunter, female, no pink hair“. You ask, I deliver!

There’s the white hair (I gotta say, it’s really hard to have a Gnome lady and not make her hair pink). And the original idea was to use the Gnomeregan Tabard as base for this, since now them Gnomes will be shooting enemies from beyond like they should.

The rest of the set is the Burnished Mail (Recolor), random greens from Burning Crusade, with Energized Retinal Armor (ask a fellow enginner to make one for you if you haven’t) and the Un’Goro Mantle a quest reward.

That beauty of a gun is the massive, although very Gnome-friendly, Core Marksman Rifle made with Engineering too. Seriously, Engineering is too good not to have, right? 😉


4 thoughts on “Female Gnome Hunter

  1. Thank you, with the new transmog system, we will have outfits to change the transmog as we like, i love this idea, this set you made will be one of the outfits for my hunter 🙂

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  2. Alright, i have a little request, i may play my gnome hunter as survival not beast mastery, so i need 2-hand weapon for this transmog set, a polearm or a sword. staves work too.

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