Female Human Beastmaster Hunter


Another Hunter transmog, requested by @Chrth, from the Queue.

I’d like to give her a feel like she’s one of the Nesingwary Safari’s colaborators. This mean that her set should be simple yet practical. Then I went to the Talhide Mail set, which is a set of green items from Burning Crusade. With a crafted Stylin’ Crimson Hat, to match the Red Lumberjack Shirt.

Also she’s sporting the Dark Iron Gun. A simple looking but very big weapon, that would probably down an Elekk in one shot. The way she likes it. Hehe. This gun can be attained in the quest They Build a Better Bullet from Searing Gorge.

If you’ve done it already, this model will be unlocked when the next expansion pre-patch drops and the Transmog Wardrobe gets unlocked to us players.


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