Female Night Elf Balance Druid


Made by request to @Marian, from the Queue. She asked for a “Caster-y female Druid mog. Night Elf.” Well, when I think of caster Druid, I think of the Balance specialization*.

First thing I thought was to give it a try on the new Artifact Weapons we’ll be seeing in Legion. Her Druid will probably be sporting one of those. The Empowered Scythe of Elune looks really badass for a DPS class.

Since the scythe has such a classic Druid look to it, I went with the very druidic set Deep Earth Battlegarb, from the Dark Soul raid, and finished the look with a almost unnoticed Green Workman’s Shirt, to cover her skin.


*Techically, healers are casters too, but we call them healers because they heal… Right? Nevertheless, this set works fine for Restoration Druids too, just with a different weapon, of course.


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