Female Night Elf Druid


Another Night Elf Druid! I was enquired by @Ezriann with a very specific request: He decided he doesn’t like the helm with his Druid’s transmog anymore. Also, what he asked for a recommendation of a belt, as long as it’s not one of those huge wrestling belts (I’m with you on that, pal).

OK, lets’s start then. His current set is the T11 Stormrider’s Garb, one of the best looking Druid sets in my opinion, so we’re good with that, only added a Blue Workman’s Shirt to tie it together. Those shirts can work miracles in some sets.

Somehow he doesn’t like the tier helmet and here I disagree with him, I love it, all that lightning sparks (ooh… smexy)! Anyway, I went looking for some headpieces, til I found the Netherblade Facemask and what a nice match it is. Not to mention it’s marvelous looking, and on this lady, I even went the next mile and added the Hairband hairstyle, it looked like it’s part of the headpiece. If that still doesn’t ring your bells to it… I suggest disabling the helmet showing.

Since he already had gave me his staff, the Staff of Hale Magefire, lets now talk about the belt. Leather belts are some of the worst looking in game, that’s a fact. And I’m not even talk about the wrestling ones. So you have to go to the top ones. This is the Windflame Girdle from the world boss Ordos. It’s a simple belt, not very intrusive, but still match the set.


4 thoughts on “Female Night Elf Druid

  1. Sadly, no. It was a prank I pulled on my friend there.

    Despite being an awesome looking mask, only rogues can get this visual. Maybe we should plead to Blizzard to make a non-restrictive version of it? That would be really nice.


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