Male Dwarf Warrior


What if WoW made a japanese expansion? We had a chinese expansion with Mists of Pandaria, right. The thing is, we have plenty of japanese-themed assets in the game as it is right now. The Night Elf buildings are mostly based on japanese architeture. We have a handful of food treats that are based on japanese too, some of them you can only get in Darnassus!

It’s not a mistery that we have some japanese-themed swords too. The famous Katanas are in the game and can be as old as Vanilla game. Thinking of that, I guess, our fellow comenter in the Queue @AwkwardPain decided to mix everything up. He asked for a “Samurai styled Dwarf Warrior”. Okay, let’s do it!

The first thing I thought about a Samurai-themed set in WoW was to use the Hateshatter Battleplate (Recolor). Despite not having exactly that japanese look, it’s very oriental-themed (since it was introduced in MoP), even with that headpiece that make you look like a fencing sword player.

To keep the set even more oriental-themed, I pick the Lorewalkers Tabard and the Cloudbreaker Greatbelt both gave the set some japanese colors. And to finish it, of course, we’d need some Katanas. These are somewhat hard to get, but they work perfectly with the set: main hand is the Ginn-Su Sword and off hand is the Reforged Blade of Heroes.

Hope you like it, dude!


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