Female Dwarf Holy Paladin


Hello, fellow transmoggers! Here’s another request from our Queue, this time it’s to use one of the new Artifact Weapons! @Razwick is (was) worried if her beloved Holy Paladin will not look good with a new weapon. And… well, as you can see on the the picture above, “badass” is written all over it!

So let’s start with the weapon: The Silver Hand. The version shown here has this amazing look and it’s called (so far) The Gravekeeper. To match this beauty, I’ve pick one of my favorite plate sets in the game, I feel it looks specially good on short, strong races, the Plate of the Last Mogu (Lookalike), since that’s a Warrior set, you’ll have to go to the Throne of Thunder and look for the off-set pieces.

Good luck, Raz!


2 thoughts on “Female Dwarf Holy Paladin

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