Male Blood Elf Retribution Paladin


Male Blood Elf, you say? Yeah, yeah… I do have a male Blood Elf, but he’s only level 94 on a forgotten guild in a forgotten server… I really need to put him back to work one of these days… And come to think, Legion seems a great time to dust off that guy, since we’ll be able to wield the legendary weapon artifact once used by the most renowned Paladins in Azeroth: The Ashbringer.

Based on that, I went full nerd mode to find a set and match it to my Blood Elf. Of course there are some really interesting Ashbringer models there, but the Searing Shattered version in particular looks very interesting, as in the fact that it doesn’t look like an Alliance weapon, and that walks miles when you’re playing a Horde character, doesn’t it? At most, it’d look like my Paladin took it off the hands of one of the highest members of the Scarlet Crusade (after destroying him and his weapon in the process) and “reforged” it back to his own use. That’d be something my guy up there would do.

The set I ended up matching the sword is Horde’s side T9, Liadrin’s Battlegear. Not only it matches the overall colours of the weapon, but also it’s a homage to one of my favorite Blood Elf NPC’s in the whole game: Lady Liadrin, a badass Paladin.


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