Male Human Fire Mage


One of my newest toons, the one I boosted to 100 when I bought Legion (I admit, I bought it as soon as the rumors about the transmog changes got confirmed, also for the level 100 boost), is a Mage. But when I bought the new xpack, I didn’t know who I’d boost, and then I went to the Queue and asked all the helpful people there.

After some thoughtful rounds of discussion, we settled that my boost should go to a Mage. And it’d even already had his name settled: “Mythheart”. You ask: Why? I tell you: because of the new title I had just got on my main: “Captain”. So, now, “Captain Mythheart” was set. My next goal was to get the Fleet Commander’s Hat (which I finally got last week – damn, you, RNG!) and he’d be golden.

I guess they all wanted to see me suffer… *sigh*… You know, my main is a Hunter, that’s how I’m used to play, and suddenly, I got a level 100 Mage to deal with. Mobility? Gone. Survivability? Gone. Damage? Gone (at least for now). Pet? The water elemental is a JOKE, I tell you (he defnitely should learn a bit or two with Hunter pets). Summing up, I never died so much in my WoW life, not even when I was a low level noob Hunter. Thanks guys. ❤

Anyway, the transmog. I already knew he’d be an Alliance Ship Captain. Commander of Fleets. So I went straight to that. And I’ve found the perfect set for an Alliance Mage Captain of the Seven Seas to wear, the Raiment of the Arcane Conclave, Hellfire Citadel’s normal tier gear, with the obvious replacement of the headpiece for the captain’s hat. And to match it, of course, a blue Alliance-looking version of the very elvish sword Felo’melorn, which I found to be more of the like of a sailin’ dog than some fancey staff, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Male Human Fire Mage

  1. The idea of a fire sword is the one thing that will make me switch to fire in Legion, in many novels, anime and movies, there is a an overpowered character with a fire sword, i want to be that character in Legion, alas fire mage is not melee, but still, i’ll have a fire sword!

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  2. Yeah, I’ll probably be a Fire Mage on Legion too. And I really hope we end getting a couple of spells that are combination of melee and ranged spell. Like a Blink that does a sword slash on the enemies which you pass through… That’d be amazing.


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