Male Human Mage


Woah! Now that was a challenge! Fellow Queue commenter @MusedMoose asked for a Doctor Strange transmog. The guy is a Human Mage on the comics, so I thought of keeping it like that on the transmog too.  It’s not so hard to find a robe and a cloak that would look like his outfit, the real challenge here are on using shoulders and a headpiece that doesn’t look too intrusive to the look. And then a belt that doesn’t ruin the flow of the robe. Gloves and shoes are somewhat easy too.

Here’s the item list:

Fun-fact: This was the transmog request that made me think about making this blog. After so many requests I had a bunch of ideas that were confined on the Queue’s comments and on my personal archive on Imgur, so I decided to spread the Love to all.

I really hope you all liked the transmog ideas, and make sure you keep requesting new stuff on the comments (doesn’t matter if there’s nothing to do with the post), because my creativity can only go so far, it’s much easier with a previous task in mind. Keep the mojo going, pals!


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