Male Dwarf Blood Death Knight


@Enoreth, Formerly Known as Philster, on his magnanimous free time, wanted to help the blog. And asked me to try something different for his Death Knight. He’s now wearing a blueish set, but came to his thought that he’d like one that was red, specially since he’d be sporting the red version of the Death Knights weapon Artifact in Legion. So he asked me to try and pull a set to him.

Here it is. First of all, with a beard like that, there’re really (almost) nothing you can use in your head that would be better than having that magnificent beard (nevermind the hair-tail). Also, this set has some really creepy and huge shoulders that don’t really look cool and a tucked, small dwarf. So, since we’re in Legion, I just removed them, and boy, how it looked nice! All hail the hide shoulders setting!!!

One last thing, the belt, the original belt of the set was so dull, then I went to Draenor PvP sets and got that beauty. Seriously, some of the best belts ever made are from Draenor PvP sets. Go get them now!

Item list:


2 thoughts on “Male Dwarf Blood Death Knight

  1. Really awesome job! Really like the way that belt looks with ‘loin cloth’ protection. I usually wear tabards on my male toons because that area looks strange to me without them. This belt solves that problem nicely!

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  2. Indeed. We have to admit that the art team did a great job on belts since late MoP and now on WoD they’re looking great! Can’t wait to see the pieces comming from Legion!


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