Female Tauren Druid


Okay. Okay. Let’s just pretend that today was not a good day for me to fulfill requests… That’s the second transmog I made that I end up trashing down my former request draft and going to do something completely new (although still fitting the overall theme).

So, @Cere, one of my fellow comenters at the Queue inquired: “Could you do a grim reaper style transmog for my brown female Tauren Druid with the Cowl of Nature’s Breath and the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune?” and he goes on “a Robe would be nice, but isn’t a must. I’ve been trying to build one some time ago, but simple dark leather robes just seem to not exist.” And I went straight on, because I loved the idea!

Turns out that no, there isn’t a black leather robe (or coat) in WoW. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, BLIZZARD! This was embarassing to me, since just like him, I wasn’t getting anything to work with what I had. Then I took a step back, looked to it and scrapped everything: Let’s do it from scratch.

Turns out you can look very spooky and scary as a Druid. Doesn’t it? Gear set list below:


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