Female Pandaren Monk


You just look at that… Miss Marian (that’s her name here from now on, inspired on Aghata Christie’s amazing character Miss Marple) thought of a bold strategy: To surpass me with her writing skills! The gall! Well, let’s see how it goes…

Four days ago, @AwkwardPain  came to me with this request: “My monk is having a bad time of finding things they want to wear that do not clash (I don’t… I mean my character doesn’t have any sense of fashion), it’s a Female Pandaren Monk. I would like a minimalist yet deadly look… but I usually only find armour that I am surprised I can even move in (besides my belly shirt that is!).”

So, I searched through ponderous tomes of fashion advice (MogIt) to try something new. I have rarely attempted to fix something up for a Pandaren, because they simply seem to fit in only a handful of sets. A scary Pandaren seemed much harder than even a Tauren Resto Druid, but somehow I managed.

I think the end result works pretty well together. Not the same amount of color matching as you might have noticed I usually employ, but it somehow ties together. The set will be even better without the shoulders come Legion. I used fist weapons so it’s ‘future-proof’ after a fashion. This is a red-clad ninja that is tired of your narrow perception of feminine ideals. And she will lop of your hand if she disagrees with you. Sleep tight.

The chest piece is the Chestguard of the Roaring Crowd, a drop from the very first boss in Draenor raiding, Kargath Bladefist in Highmaul. The legs are a drop of Blackhand in BRF, the Shattering Smash Leggings. The belt is the Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, from the Peak of Serenity (it might be available for the other classes throughout the vendors on the Peak, but I’m not certain). For the feet I used the Mistdancer Footpads, which new boosted monks start with (also available through the Salvage Yard), but it’s far from essential. Basically any black shoe will do due to the way shoes show on Pandaren.

I also used the Grower’s Gloves, a drop from rares in Valley of the Four Winds. They have a 10% droprate, but the rares should be zergable at 100. The Adventurer’s Bandana is a drop from a variety of old vanilla raids. There are also a few other red bandanas available in the game*.

The Imposing Shoulders are a suggestion for what you could use leading up to Legion. After that, I highly recommend simply hiding them. And finally, the weapons. The Bladefist Knuckles. They’re pretty hard to get, but it’s truly one of the best fist weapon models in the game. I’m sure there are other things you could use if you look long enough, but these click with the set better than any of the other options I looked at.

So, thank you for reading my rants. Please give Myth some suggestions, he’s getting quite desperate such a nice guy.

And I thank you, Miss Marian. Keep them comming!

*There’s the Bloody Bandanna from a dungeon quest given in your Garrison Inn, it’s cosmetic, so it can be used by all armor types and it’s easy to get.


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