Male Night Elf Demon Hunter


Demon Hunters. Another feature coming in Legion. Demon Hunters are a well founded class in Warcraft lore, they’ve been roaming around since Illidan Stormrage created the idea of the class. And for that, he was banished from the Night Elven society and locked into one of their most secure prisions. The ritual to become a full-fledgled Demon Hunter includes (but is not restricted to) burning your eyes in fel flames, to detect better all kinds of magic and a type of self-inflicting painful body tatoo, that enhances your powers. Such cute fellas these guys, aren’t they?

Well, for what’s worth to us, Transmoggers, Demon Hunters will be wearing leather armor. That means sharing gear with Druids, Rogues and Monks. Which means now leather wearers have the most competitive type of gear, with four classes on it, with cloth and plate wearers having three classes to share and mail wearers only two.

The set I’ve thought about wearing on my Demon Hunter was based on a Monk set, for it’s simplicity, which is something both classes share too. Both Monks and Demon Hunters are classes that will not worry about wearing heavy pauldrons and will prefer going light for extra agility. The set is listed below:

Can you wait enough for Legion after this? I don’t.


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