Female Draenei Priest


Well, hello there, nurse!!! One of our most controversial commenters there at the Queue, @Shuanna, obviously, made a controversial enquire to the blog. He says: “Female draenei cloth wearer in teen fashion, nothing can be above level 60 and must be found outside of dungeons or raids (available on the AH or through quests). It can not be the Shimmering or Sage models. You, sir, are challenged!”

Challenge accepted!

I know you, Shu, and your “love for the tropical clothing”. So the idea was to represent a girl, living in the welcoming summer weather on one of the warm beaches of Brazil. Minimal clothing? Of course, with all that heat. Vivid colors? Sure, she’s a youngling looking to stand out in the crowd!

I don’t know you, but I’d not decline to pass sunlotion on her back if she asks me…

Challenge completed. She looks so ready for summer…


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