Female Gnome Warlock


Our beloved (*cough cough*) Queue comenter @Chrth requested a Female Gnome Warlock in non-traditional garb (ie not the same old big collar and robe you see on most of them).

You ask, I deliver. This is defnitely not traditional (altough I have to admit the goggles on a gnome are a given…) for a Warlock. It will though take a lot of work towards getting all the pieces, since some of them are rare drops and some of them are locked behind reputation grinds.

One last thing, the Visage Liquification Goggles are only usable by engineers with 400 skill level or more, if you’re not an engineer (why would you ever have a gnome that is NOT an engineer?) the alternative to it is the Junior Technician 3rd Grade Goggles, the wannabe engineer goggle from a quest in Netherstorm.

Item list below:


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