Male Undead Protection Warrior


The idea for this set came when I was thinking about how an old veteran of war between Lordaeron and the Scourge would look like if he’d be risen back as Undead. I tried to keep the overall motif of Lordaeron having a red and silver set, just like shown on the shield here, but there are other shields with Lordaeron insignias with different colours. Since this is a Horde character, I thought going red would be the best way.

This set will prove to be somewhat difficult to get, even though some of these pieces can be crafted rather than have a low droprate, the mats are kinda difficult to get, but in the end, I think the look is worth the wait and the grind. It’d defnitely impress the Warcraft lore fan at first glance. But then, after a while you’ll see there are a couple of “cheat moves” I made that may make this set not as lore immersive as it should be.

Main problem I found? The lack of a Lordaeron Tabard. Damn, these things should be EVERYWHERE in Northern Eastern Kingdoms, right? Where are them now? The Scourge, the Trolls and other threats couldn’t simply loot and burn every single one of them. Give us a Lordaeron Tabard, Blizzard!!!

Note there are some pieces that have similar lookalikes, but I tried to post here the ones I think that are easier to get, if you’re lucky, you may get some of these pieces elsewhere, so don’t overlook them! Set list below:


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