Male Troll Assassination Rogue


You may have noticed a lack of Trolls and Orcs here in the Blog. That’s because I mostly play Alliance and my least favorite races in WoW are those (even Undead once were happy Humans). So these are the races I have the least ideas to fetch a new transmog set.

On the early days of Burning Crusade I went there and made a Troll, it was a Druid. I remember it never going past Orgrimmar. I remember entering that city and not liking a single feat of it. It was all spiky, monocolor, ugly, confused. That toon was long deleted.

Today I thought of making a transmog for this guy: A Troll Rogue. I like to think that the Darkspear Trolls are fond to tropical climates, since they came from Stranglethorn and now live in the Echo Islands, both tropical paradises, so if you’re making a troll outfit, it better have few clothes. That was my goal when fetching the items of this set.

Check da list below, mon!


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