Female Draenei Restoration Shaman


One of our fellow Queue commenters, @AwkwardPain, made a thoughtful request:

“I am looking for a ‘broken’ look because headcanon my character was one of the protectors that lost their connection to the light and became broken. My Shaman is just starting her journey and is around level 18~ so this will be a wish list for later times, also so I know which zones and quests to do, reps to get, areas to farm, etc… while leveling! It’s a Draenei female Shaman!”

So, man, I’ve ran all the wardrobe searching for a set that made your Draenei look like a “Broken One”. Since Blizzard is always so gleamy and shiny on Shaman sets, this was very unfruitful. The only simple set that reminded me of how the Broken Draenei used to be is the Stormscale Set (Recolor) (weird that the pieces are named “Dreaming Spirit” and the set has other name), which you can get while questing in Pandaria.

And when brought together with a couple of pieces from Draenor, the Morningscale Waistguard, the weapon Gug’rokk’s Smasher and the shield Stonebreaker Shield made it look quite fine. Since your char is still level 18, I guess you won’t have to worry much about on where to quest until you reach Pandaria, until there, you’re free to go. Good leveling!


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