Male Human Priest


One of my fellow comenters in the Queue, @Alarys, asked me to make a hommage to one of his idols:

“So, Priests get the <Cardinal> title in Legion. As a tribute to George Carlin’s character in Dogma, I made up a Forsaken Priest named Glick, and intend to macro a few of his better quotes from the movie to some spells, like ‘Fill dem pews, people!’ and ‘I present to you… Buddy Christ!’, and was hoping that there would be a fitting outfit that could match up to what he wears in the movie (”

Damn, you, Alarys, I have to say, it’s impossible to look like a Cardinal Priest in WoW. The nearest I could get is this… some sort of Dark Flame Mage with a fez on his head… I’m so sorry, I hope you think it’s good enough. I mean, it sort of remembers the original image, but there is no Goddamn way to reproduce it with high fidelity.

Here’s the item list:


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