Female Troll Destruction Warlock


Our illustrious Queue commenter, @Chrth (you may remind him from some past posts), would like a Female Troll Warlock that isn’t scantily clad (why not? oh yeah, it’s a Troll /wink) and once again no high collar (I’m sure this would totally ruin his immersion).

Therefore, I went simple. Really like this set for almost all races, but the female Troll (just like their relatives, the Night Elves) really shine with it because of their posture. The Eternal Dynasty Regalia (Recolor), from the Timeless Isle armor tokens, add that very obvious Japanese look to her.

Since he didn’t want to show much skin (prude!!), I used the Orange Mageweave Shirt to cover the cleavage. And just to win some extra-cool points, I added the Destruction Warlock’s Artifact Weapon, the Red Empowered version of the Scepter of Sargeras.

Burn, baby, burn!


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