Female Gnome Assassination Rogue


@Alvilda the Amicable, fellow Queue commenter and avid transmog freak, just like me, asked for a scary looking female Gnome Rogue. Wearing black with red accents and daggers. Dark hair and red bandana if possible. Not the set from the Salvage Yard, please. And yes, I’m cruel, as it’s perfect for that look.

Just look at that beauty up there. She will tear you apart before you end up your first snarky comment about “how vertical stretchings doesn’t matter when we get down to the horizontal, babe”. And she can run as fast as she can hide, so I’m not sure your first idea of getting laid would be a great one… no no…

But now, let’s get down to the transmog. Firstly, she wanted a scary looking, so of course, I had to go to Rogues tier 1: the Nightslayer Armor, that drop from bosses in the Molten Core. So it’s easily soloable. Beyond that, she asked for a red bandana, well, this one will be way more difficult to get, the only one I can remember still being obtainable is the Bloodwoven Mask, a random drop from 45 to 50 level mobs all over the world.

And last, but not least, the weapons. Let’s give this small assassin the tools for her job: the red Kingslayers versions of the Assassination Rogue’s Artifact, Anguish and Sorrow.

This… look scary indeed.


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