Male Goblin Outlaw Rogue


The counterpart to Captain Mythheart, Admiral Mythkbar is ready to sail on the wildest seas and plunge the lootiest treasures of Azeroth! This cutthroat bastard and his crew pledge alliegeance to no one but the gold, and as it is now, it looks like the Horde’s providing him with plenty (he’s probably thinking on retiring… go figure).

This set started with the obvious choice: the Fleet Commander’s Hat. Since he’s a sailor, and the captain of his ship, nothing more appropriate, and it’s what gave the set an idea. But, what I really think that what gives this set that “special flavor” is the combination of the Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor with the Artisan Officer’s Shirt, it really brings up that golden trim that a wealthy tradesman would show you to ensure he’s good at what he’s doing.

Beyond that it was just finding the right pieces to match it, the Cutthroat’s Mantle as the shoulderpads to avoid that some mutiny sword gets close to his neck. The Wild Gladiator’s Grips, fit for a swordplayer, he can defend with the pads, but they’re still light to wear. I used the Wolf Rider’s Leggings to continue the outfit, tied up with the Waistguard of Fallen Hearts and finished with the Gnomebot Operating Boots to give him some worn out, yet still comfortable shoes.

Every Outlaw Rogue that would worth his weight in salt would have his cutlasses as his closest friends, since this one worths his weight in gold and maybe other gems, he’s sporting the amazing Slatemetal Cutlass on the main hand, and the smaller, yet still deadly Blackwater Cutlass on the off-hand.

Ahoy, matey!


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