Female Orc Elemental Shaman


Can you believe we had no Orcs here on the blog yet? None of the requests I got was based on an Orc, and yet I know many people play them… I blame Metzen, of course, since Blizzard is defnitely Orc biased. =P

Here we have something interesting on the way to Legion that I’d like to talk about: low level mail gear becomming plate The Burnished Mail set that is represented here, is now, on live as a mail type armor. But once Legion comes, the developers are saying that, since plate wearers have to wear mail up until level 40, all mail gear below level 40 will become plate gear for transmog purposes.

2 things are result of this: First, many of your Shaman and Hunter gear that look legitimly like mail gear (just like the Burnished set right there) will become plate, and so, plate wearers will be able to look like mail wearers. Secondly, there are still many mail sets that are above level 40 who are plate lookalikes, like the Radiant Set (Recolor), the Ornate Mail and even the Crusader’s Pauldrons (a unique pair of shoulderpads that many plate wearers love but can’t use because it’s only on mail) that will keep being mail type.

What I get from this is that Blizzard is trying to fix something that, of course, needs to be fixed, but in the wrong way. Please, take some time, check the looks of it, and then make it BOTH types so, BOTH mail and plate wearers won’t complain when they lose a specific set they love.

Now, back to the transmog part, I finished the looks with a very well placed Ooze-Soaked Shirt (so some people won’t complain about the amount of skin shown) that fit the theme perfectly, and the amazing Elemental Shaman artifact pieces, the yellow Rehgar Legacy version of the duo The Fist of Ra-den / The Highkeepers’ Ward weapon/shield kit.


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