Female Blood Elf Mage


Our fellow Queue commenter @Philster asked for some help to a friend of his:

“She plays a mage and she just got some “slutty robes from AhQ” (I looked it up, and I think it must be the “Robes of the Battleguard” she’s talking about – honestly, I wasn’t sure) and she wants to build a set around it.  Asked me since I had a tailor with just about every recipe in the game, but I figured I’d see what you thought first.

She’s kinda lazy regarding farming stuff and doesn’t want to farm mog too much, though, so keep that in mind.  (Is the reason why she asked me about if I had any tailoring recipes that would work…) – if it’s a drop, it needs to be from an easy dungeon/raid.”

What’s up, Phil! I’ve got exactly what you want right here!

First of all, let’s assume your friend actually got the Robes of the Battleguard, so we’ll start with that. I got to admit, the very first thing that came to my head, was the very hot shoulderpads from Mage T12, the Firehawk Mantle. These alone already give it a great look. And, if you think it’s still too much, there isn’t much I can recomend beyond that unless wait for Legion and hide them.

In time: Why can’t we get this Transmog Wardrobe feature RIGHT NOW? I know there are a couple of small things still to tune so it’d be perfect, but, it’d give many many of us many things to do while the next expansion doesn’t come. It’d be the perfect “end of expansion filler” in my humble opinion.

Ok, back to the post, It was some sort of weird combination between the Sermon-Halter Gloves from a quest in Feralas and the Bracers of the Energetic Elemental, from Deepholm. Finalizing with the very discrete Fermenting Belt, from Stormstout Brewery in Pandaria and the Durtfeet Stompers, from a quest in Dustwallow March.


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