Female Worgen Destruction Warlock


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, here we are again, with another request from Chrth of the Queue! He wanted a female Worgen Warlock, wearing the dress that drops from Grand Warlock Nethekurse, in Tanaan Jungle, New Draenor.

“The dress” that drops from this particular guy, the Nethekurse’s Robe of Contempt, is nothing but an updated version of the old PvP Horde Warlock set, which you can only transmog if you were a good PvPer back in early Burning Crusade (which many, many of us never were).

With that on mind, I set sail to build a very fiery, sort of hordish set for this adorable lady, below, is the item list, have fun, because she could totally summon Ragnaros just to have some!!


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