Male Night Elf Balance Druid


Welcome back, fellow transmoggers!

Today we got a request from our fellow Queue commenter Gevah, he asked for a Balance Druid, male Night Elf, on a set that does not look like druid-ish.

Here we go, Gev! Firstly I like very much the leather leveling gear from Pandaria, it’s really detailed and look very light on the body. So I used the Riverblade Armor (Recolor), that is easily bought with gold from vendors in Pandaria, if you didn’t got some pieces from it while questing there!

Then, the details, oh, the details! As background, I used the supercool Yellow Lumberjack Shirt, and in the front, the Saberstalkers Tabard. And to match it and give that ninja-kind of look to your Druid-non-Druid, the Darkfang Belt and the amazing Helm of Imagined Horrors.

Since you asked for a staff transmog, the one who matches this set almost perfectly is the Contemplation of Shaohao, this will make you work a little bit on the Timeless isle for some tokens, but it’s worth the view. Have fun!


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