Male Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter


Tough times…

Last saturday, ‘Team Cupcake’ (from Nesingwary(US)’s Guild <OfTheQueue>) downed Heroic Socrethar in Hellfire Citadel, and the Felcrystal Impaler dropped. Since I was the only Hunter in the team (I know, right? Hard to believe…), I stood there waiting for the loot to come, I even played with our Loot-Lady, miss Pants, doing an instant /roll as soon as she asked who wanted the weapon, she didn’t get my joke… (/sad). Then I linked my crafted gun and said it was an upgrade, ok, then I got it.

The thing is, things like “new badass weapons” are a important to me, and I usually like to show it to everyone. Therefore, I thought: “Nice, this will be a great oportunity to come with a new transmog set to my Hunter!”, and went my merry way to do it.

The problem is: That crossbow is so weird and PINK, that I couldn’t get a decent set to go with it. It’s been 3 days since I started and I’m still not convinced of anything I do. Have I lost my transmog mojo? I hope not.

Yesterday, our fellow Queue commenter, Condimensional, argued that the main source of pink for Hunters would be Tier 2, the Dragonstalker, and I wrongly read it as Tier 2.5, the Striker’s Garb, something I had completely forgotten! Y’know, these sets from Ahn’Qiraj are not much used…. Unknowing, he settled it for me. All I had to do was match the belt, using the Grasp of the Fallen Emperor, the gloves with Vek’lor’s Gloves of Devastation and one of the coolest shirts in game, the Master Builder’s Shirt.

Thanks Queue!


One thought on “Male Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter

  1. I’m planning to make each alt to go to Ahn’Qriaj raids, to gain reputation and complete quests then get transmog sets, i rarely see anyone using sets from these raids … it is unfortunate that Blizzard removed original Naxx raid, i wish they kept it there, so many unique items and sets that you can’t buy easily now.

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