Male Human Destruction Warlock


Okay. So we already have an Undead ex-Scarlet Warrior in our ranks, which is by itself something very rare to happen. But now we’re going to stretch it to the other side of the spectre.

Was brought to me by RetPallyJil that someone asked for this very specific transmog set, then, that there was an argument about whether such a thing even existed, and she pointed out that there was a Scarlet warlock questgiver at Light’s Hope Chapel. Well, who am I to argue against our very own Scarlet Crusade specialist?

Well, here we go. I actually liked how this set became to be, he’s obviously a souless redhead, and his armor looks like is binding him to retain and control his demonic power, only to be used in favor of the Scarlet Crusade.

Let’s get down to the item list:


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