Male Pandaren Brewmaster Monk


Hello, fellow transmog affictionados, I’m back after a very nice vacation, and already with many requests to fill the emptiness that was left in your hearts for because of the lack of updates on the blog. Fear no more!!! =D

Okay, this one wasn’t really a big deal, the requester, my fellow Queue comenter KaosKeeper, asked for a transmog to use with the new Brewmaster Monk’s Artifact, Fu Zan, the Wanderer’s Companion. And if possible, since he had it, the Pandarian Dungeon Challenge Mode outfit, the Regal Lord Armor, that is, sadly, not obtainable anymore.

To my surprise, when I combined both, using the yellow Dragonfire’s Grasp model of the artifact, it matched almost perfectly, so I went with that. Isn’t it great to get back from vacations with some easy work?

Thanks KaosKeeper!


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