Female Troll Restoration Shaman


A new request made from our fellow Queue comenter Zuhani, that Troll lover obviously asked a new transmog for the Female Troll. She wanted to wear a very Spring-like outfit (to celebrate the current season, I imagine) and here we go!

Spring-like outfits are very hard to find outside of Druid sets, but this one, from the Mists of Pandaria LFR first tier is a very interesting exception. Not to mention it fits very well the Troll model. The uncanny Regalia of the Firebird (Recolor), a green set, recalling strong leaves and other nature assets.

To match it, I looked for the soon-to-be-gotten Legion Artifacts. Zuhani haven’t told me which spec she is, so I went full stereotypistic and thought: “Female Troll Shaman? Must be a healer, right!” So I got her the green Scepter of the Deep version of both the Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides mace and the Shield of the Sea Queen shield. I loved the water theme of it, it matched both the spring theme and the bluish Troll skin.

Zuhani, if your spec isn’t Restoration, I’m sorry, we can work something else. Hope you like it, though. Cheers!


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