Male Worgen Marksmanship Hunter


Look at that Worgen Hunter.

So fierce. So stout. So badass.

Holding a bow that sprouts flowers.

What a fairy.

And no, that’s totally not because this bow is Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers, the weapon my fellow Queue comenter Adreaver requested me to find a transmog set to put up with. A weapon that cannot be aquired anymore, because Blizzard removed the questline that rewarded it in the end when the Cataclysm expansion launched. A weapon that I don’t and will never have. Not at all.

But I digress. Let’s go back to the transmogging. I ran into some sets for this, it’s not a terrible weapon to match. But I have a couple of arguments to convince you that the Trailseeker Set, from the Salvage Yard loot crates, is the right one.

  1. It’s the standard Alliance scout/hunter set. And that walks miles, when you’re talking about a Worgen. Worgens are now at the bulk of the Alliance, united almost like a blend with both Humans and Dwarves, holding the Eastern Kingdoms. And this set is the perfect replica to any Hunter of these races.
  2. It does match the bow quite well, without being too flashy. A Worgen is before anything, a recluse type, since they’re from Gilneas. So a discrete set also says a lot about his character.
  3. Last but not least, this shows how good a set can be without the shoulderpads, one of the new features comming in Legion. Something that Hunters wielding a bow should be aware of: Big shoulderpads are a big no-no when casting arrows in your enemies.

Good hunting fellow. And sorry about the initial jealousy. Sometimes it gets the worse of me.


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