Female Blood Elf Fire Mage


So you like the Warcraft world, right? Sure you like some other games. What about Zelda? It sure has some features that can be translated to the Warcraft world. Weapons, dragons, questing, adventure, RPG… but what about the outfits? Yes! Here in the Transmog Queue we do everything to make your dreams come true! (sort of =P)

So here’s Princess Zelda in the World of Warcraft. She’d be a cloth wearer, of course. But… what class? What spec? Well, based on this, I can tell you she’s a new iteration of the Fire Mage, with it’s new Artifact weapon, which is a fancy sword. And here we got a grown up Princess Zelda, kickin’ asses and taking names left and right. Maybe she misses her days with Link, maybe she’s just that badass. Who knows? Would you step in and ask?

Here goes her gear list:

P.S.: The gloves and bracers were a suggestion from Ezriann, of the Queue!


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