Female Night Elf Hunter


Hello, welcome back to another episode of Transmog Queue, today I tried to match the gear of one of my favorite NPCs that are comming on WoW’s next expansion (AKA Legion): Emmarel Shadewarden, she will be one of the Hunter Champions in the Hunter’s Class Hall: The Trueshot Lodge.

Most of her gear is easily obtainable today, BUT, and when it come to matching NPC’s gear there’s always a “but”, she’s wearing some FILTHY LEATHER PANTS!!! And that, my friends, it’s totally non-acceptable in terms of transmogging Hunter gear. So I had to go and find a mail lookalike to them (hint: there isn’t one).

Beyond that, I made a couple of… how can I say… aesthetic changes, first, her weapon, was a very low res one, so I changed it to a better looking one, without losing its simplicity, also, I ignored that she wears a cape, since we’ve already learned that heroes shouldn’t wear capes.

Here’s her gear list:


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