Male Human Protection Paladin


Hello, fellow transmog aficcionados! We’re here today on a very special occasion! Blizzard added yesterday 4 pieces of gear with a single idea in mind: Transmog. They are all related to the next month release of the Warcraft movie and will reach you in 2 faction-based sets of 2 pieces each. Today we’ll focus on the Alliance ones.

As soon as you log into your Alliance character, you’ll get an achievement and a mail letter from Varian Wrynn himself praising you for being such an amazing hero for the Alliance and sending you what Stormwind has best on good-looking weapons. You’ll get the sword Replica Lion’s Fang and the shield Replica Lion’s Heart.

The idea today is to build a set based on the amazing look of that pair. For that, we went away from the two obvious Stormwind Set and the Wrynn’s Battlegear, and landed down, with a big surprise for me, on the Cataclysm Launch Dungeon set, the Abalone Battleplate (Recolor), which matched both the weapons in a very interesting way.

Beyond that, the only one changes made were in the feet with the use of the Kyparite Boots, since the original set ones doesn’t match it appropriately and wrapping it all up with the very underrated Knight’s Colors tabard, which’s obtained on the honor vendor in Stormwind.

I hope you all liked it! See you all next time!


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