Male Goblin Frost Death Knight


“THIS is a Frost Death Knight?!?!”, some could say… And I answer: After Bolvar Fordragon (aka Hothead Bolvar) gets to be the Lich King, anything can happen in the realm of people that come back from death.

This Goblin sure can freeze your mind with his hotness. And that outfit is up for it in all ways. This set is fairly easy to get, it’s the Warrior’s Molten Giant Battleplate (Lookalike) from Firelands, but with the Befouled Demonhide Belt belt from normal Hellfire Citadel. As weapons, I’ve choosen the orange Frostmourne’s Legacy version of the Death Knight’s Artifact in Legion, the Blades of the Fallen Prince.

Hope you all enjoy it! Until next time!


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