Female Orc Windwalker Monk


Orcs. What are they good for? War. Yeah, my friend, if you ever read anything about Orcs, you know that when you go to war, you better be on their side, or the struggle will be real.

Let’s sum it up. Orcs have strenght, they have honor – well, most of the time… Looking at you, Gul’dan – they have courage, they have effin Blood Fury for goddamit! Almost the perfect squad for any army.

What do they lack of? Discipline. Usually Orcs are driven into battle by honor or fear (or sheer bloodthursty rage), now, can you imagine if the Gul’dan Horde had Monks on their ranks? I rather not. Azeroth be damned, I’m sure they won’t even need to create Death Knights.

And that’s the idea here. To create a Monk styled transmog that would look like it belonged on the original Orcish Horde ranks. It has it all, from the barbaric to the self-control.

I hope you peeps like it, because this set will make you go all over the places to complete it, maybe a bit grindy, but not that hard to collect. Item list below:


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