Female Tauren Unholy Death Knight


Hello again, you crazy Transmog people! Today I’m bringing something I didn’t even knew that existed until today, I was messing with the Wowhead’s Dressing Room when I saw it: There is a green-fur-colored Tauren skin!!! It’s only avaliable for Death Knights (along with a pale brown and a bluish-white) and only if you use a couple specific Death-Knight-only faces!! Talk about hidden stuff in this huge game, it’ll never cease to amaze me…

Well, first thing I thought was to try an Unholy set for it, since it looked like a plagued skin, and that’s the pieces I got:


One thought on “Female Tauren Unholy Death Knight

  1. I like this a lot. I’ve been using a lot of minimal sets on my DK lately. For whatever reason swinging around a giant axe I don’t feel the need to look super heavily armored. Traditionally my simple mogs have gotten a lot of attention too. When they announced hiding shoulders I never thought I would use it but I have been pleasantly surprised. 8/10 would consider mogging.

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