Male Troll Windwalker Monk


Ah, the old days… The idea here was to revive the old Warcraft II Troll Axethrower, which probably are from the Amani tribe, since it happened in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms during the Lordaeron wars.

From the Warcraft II unit description:

The Trolls of Lordaeron have suffered ages of attrition at the hands of the Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. The appearance of the Orcish Horde has given them the opportunity to ally themselves with kindred spirits with whom they can seek revenge upon their many enemies. More agile than the brutish Orcs, Trolls employ throwing axes – along with the cunning attack and retreat stratagem – to assail their foes. This combination of speed, range and ability to bring down threats from above makes them a valuable addition to the Orcish Horde.

With that in mind, that’s the set I liked most to represent it. The Thunderlord Garb, leather set from the War Mill in your Garrison, but without the headpiece (on the game they didn’t had any helmet on), and with a pair of Primeval Adze as weapons (they look very much as the throwing axes from the old game).

Hope I could tingle a bit that nostalgia feeling on you guys today, see ya next time, mon!


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