Female Dwarf Protection Paladin


Hello, everybody, it’s been a while, all that Legion hype is getting me busy everywhere but here… But fear not, I still got time for some transmog action before the Wardrobe hits live servers TOMORROW (July 19th!!!).

This one is yet another request from Chrth, our very own Queue’s Dwarf lover. He wanted a set that would match the looks of the very first iteration of the Protection Paladin’s Artifact, the base Truthguard shield and it’s paired Oathseeker sword.

For that, I matched 2 different sets. Chest and Legs are the Chestguard of Salved Wounds and the Benign Crusader’s Plate, both from Borean Tundra quests (That’s Northrend for you, pal!). And the rest of the gear is the 2/6 upgrades of the crafted plate set from Draenor, the Truesteel Battleplate (Recolor), including Shoulderpads, Gloves, Belt and Boots.

No need for a Headpiece here, that lady dwarf has plenty of protection already that she can spend a bit on her marvelous braid.



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