Female Goblin Discipline Priest


What’s up, fellow Transmoggers! Today we’ll focus in one of the least used race/class combos in WoW: A Goblin Priest. Despite it’s usefulness in both PvE and PvP combat (Goblins have very interesting racials), this combo had very few players in the last census… In early 2016, about only 0.29% of the population were using it (and it’s even worse if we count it as a Female).

But that’s not what matters here. This blog bows to no majority! You can feel yourself at home here, fellow Goblin Priest! And this set is specially for you (altough Mages and Warlocks can use it too…).

Here’s the item list, hope you guys like it:


PS.: If I had a Mage, I’d love to call him “Archmage Pants“, and of course, it’d be wearing this pants. =P


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