Female Human Frost Mage


Here’s our new request from the Queue! This time it is from DemonicGwen, the Accursed.

She wanted a transmog to go with anyo of the Frostfire Remembrance versions of the Frost Mage’s artifact, the Ebonchill. My first idea was to go with the green version and use the invasions gearset that she was already collecting, to be honest it was looking real good for a Warlock, so we decided to change my course.

Then we got this. The Pandarian tier set from the Throne of Thunder raid, the Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra (Lookalike), which have an interesting amount of blue and red on it’s robes, just like the orange version of the artifact, exactly what I was looking for to match the “frost+fire” theme.

To finish, and of course, this is only a suggestion now, it’s from the Mage’s first tier in Legion, the Hood of Everburning Knowledge, once you get it, it will be great, but since then, I like how her fabulous hair goes without any headdress.

Hope you like it, Gwen! Cya.


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