Female Blood Elf Fire Mage


Hey there, fellow transmog friends! Today we get to another iteration of the request made by Mistah Jay from the Queue!

This time we’ll be focusing on a transmog set containing the Pandarian Legendary Cloak Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon, for Intellect Damage Dealers. For this I picked up a Fire Mage, and the slim modeled body of a Female Blood Elf.

This set is quite easy to obtain, it’s the Swampwalker Regalia (Recolor) from Pandaria, and it’s avaliable from crafting, BoE drops and quests all over the place. I only took the care to remove the headpiece, since I’ve picked a very hyped hairstyle for that girl, a braided tail and I wanted to show it!

To match it, I picked the Fire Mage’s Artifact, the green version of the Pride of the Sunstriders (another reason why I picked a Blood Elf) for the Felo’melorn and Heart of the Phoenix set.

See you next time, bye!


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