Female Night Elf Shadow Priest


Hello again, it’s defnitely been a while since I don’t post here… Legion is so full of new stuff that I’m playing it almost 100% of my spare time. But today I’m sneaking here to post a request from a fellow Queue poster, Tkc882.

He requested a Female Night Elf Shadow Priest, of course, having the dagger/offhand combo, but they aren’t supposed to be the artifact weapons (why would someone do that? I don’t know). He wanted something dark and foreboding. And here’s what we got him!

First of all, the Legion Dungeon Cloth set, that have the very interesting shadowy and foreboding looks he wanted, specially with that really nice hood, I just wish we could have an option to put it on and not only drawback like that.

And for the weapons, since now Shadow Priests are going straight down to Old God modes, I took the ride and went with them into Cataclysm, more specifically, to our very own Archbishop Benedictus, and took his dagger, the Fanged Tentacle. Along with the well-matched off-hand made by scribes, the Battle Tome.

I hope you like it, TKC, and all you reading this too. See ya next time!


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