Female Goblin Fire Mage


We’re back! Our faithful requester Chrth has asked for another transmog to his Goblin Mage. And this time even robes were allowed! Thank you, Chrth!

When thinkig of Fire Mages, the first think I ask myself is: “Will the Firehawk Robes of Conflagration set not be perfect this time?” And the answer is 95% of the time: “Yes, it’s perfect, move on.” And so I did.

The only two things I made different here were the belt, which I wanted one a little bit more ‘out there’, then I took the Abandoned Zandalari Firecord, which coincidently has the same looks as one of the best items for Fire Mages this expansion, the legendary Koralon’s Burning Touch.

The rest is all about the Artifact. Fire Mages willing to look ‘fiery’ will be happy that the very first iteration of their Artifact is already super color-compatible to most fiery sets, so it ends up being easy to get an amazing look of your weapons here with the orange base skin of both Felo’melorn sword and it’s off-hand Heart of the Phoenix.

Go for it, Chrth!


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